What Should You Pay Attention To In The Daily Security Check Of Surgical Shadowless Lamps? 

With The Continuous Development Of The Medical Industry, Surgical Shadowless Lamps Are Indispensable And Play A Role In Lighting. So What Should Be Paid Attention To During The Security Inspection And Debugging Of Surgical Shadowless Lamps? Usually Includes The Following:

1.Mechanical Installation Inspection:
Check Whether There Is Mechanical Installation Leak, Whether There Are Fewer Screws Or The Screws Are Not Tight. Whether The Card Spring Has A Good Card Or Not, And Whether The Decorative Covers Have Been Covered.

2.Circuit Check:
First Check If The System Has A Short Circuit Or Open Circuit. If Everything Is Normal, You Can Perform A Power-On Test. In This Case, Check If The External Power Supply Of The Shadowless Lamp Is Stable. Whether The Transformer Output Voltage Is Too High Or Too Low.

3.Balance Arm Adjustment:
Check Whether The Balance Arm And The Lamp Head Match, Whether It Is Necessary To Adjust The Force Of The Balance Arm, Whether It Is Necessary To Adjust The Angle Of The Balance Arm And The Need To Be Adjusted By The Adjustment Method Of The Lamp Arm. Usually The Screws That Adjust The Lamp Arm Are At The Two Ends Of The Lamp Arm, But The Manufacturers Are Slightly Different And Can Be Observed Carefully.

4.Joint Flexibility Adjustment:
Mainly To Adjust The Joint’s Damping Screw. The Standard Specifies That The Degree Of Tightness Of The Damping Adjustment Is That The Force Pushing Or Rotating The Joint At Any Position Is Close To 20N Or 5Nm.

5.Adjustment And Loosening Of The Joint Limit Switch:
In Order To Facilitate The Installation And Transportation Of The Shadowless Lamp, Most Shadowless Lamp Products Are Equipped With Lock Switches Or Limit Switches In Key Parts Such As Joints. It Can Be Opened Now.

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