Wireless Transvaginal Probe

JQ-5T Gynecology use Handheld Wireless Transvaginal Probe

Scanning Mode:Electronic Array R10



JQ-5T Wireless Transvaginal Probe For Follocular Detction,Uterine Examination And Visualization Guidance In Gynecology

Product JQ-5T-B/W Transvaginal Probe
Scanning Mode Electronic Array R10
Element 128
Display Mode B, B/M
Frequency 6.5MHz
Depth 50~100mm
Measure Length, Area, Angle, Obstetrics
Image Frame Rate 14~20f/S
Battery Working Time 3.5 Hours
Wifi Type 802.11n/2.4G-5G/450Mbps
Working System IOS/Android /Windows
Charging Mode USB Charging Or Wireless Charging
Android Phone Brand SUMSUNG,HUAWEI,  SONY, Google Nexus, MI
Dimension 296mm X 50mm X 20mm
Weight 300g
Product Configuration: Host (Probe) 1+Charging Cable 1
Optional: Puncture Stand, Tablet, Wireless Charging Pad, Wireless Charging Treasure, Dock And Cart

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