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JQ-T6 7inch Touch screen Full Digital B Ultrasound

Size: 236*148*42mm
Product Weight: 860g
Display Screen: 7 Inch
Scan Depth: 270mm
Imaging Mode: B,B+B,4B,B+M,M
Body Position Markers: ≥18 Kinds
Frequency Adjustment: 3.5MHz, 6.5MHz, 7.5MHz
Interface: USB, TF Card, VIDEO
Application: Veterinary Examination



JQ-T6 Portable Animal 7-Inch Touch-Screen Full Digital B Ultrasound Diagnostic Instrument Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

Model No


Probe Type

Mechanical Sector

Scan Depth


Blind Area


Display Screen

7 Inch

Display Mode


Frequency Conversion

Five-Segment Frequency Conversion Function

Video Playback

256-Frame Movie Playback Function

Frequency Adjustment

3.5MHz:270mm  6.5MHz:189mm  7.5MHz:165mm

Image Storage

Can Be Connected To Memory Card And U Disk Storage, Can Browse Pictures On This Machine



Net Weight



USB Interface, TF Card Interface, VIDEO

1.Display: 7-Inch Large Touch Display,Dual Internal And External Screens, The External Screen Is A Tempered Glass Touch Screen, Which Is Strong And Durable;
2.The Screen Can Be Rotated 180 Degrees, The Touch Foot Point And The Display Interface Are All Rotated, Which Is Convenient For The Operator To Use With The Left Or Right Hand;
3. Supporting Probes: 3.5MHz Abdominal Convex Array Probe, 6.5MHz Microconvex Small Animal Probe, 6.5MHz Veterinary Rectal Probe, 7.5MHz High Frequency Linear Array Probe, 3.5MHz Backfat Probe;
4.The Veterinary Rectal Probe Does Not Have A Conversion Box, Which Is More Convenient To Operate
5.Operation Interface: 6 Languages Can Be Customized, User-Friendly Operation Interface, Quick Start;
6.Button + Touch Screen, Multiple Operation Modes, Simple And Fast;
7.Display Mode: B, B+B, 4B, B+M, M;
8.Electronic Focusing: Four-Segment Electronic Focusing;
9.Body Position Markers: ≥18 Kinds;
10. Frequency Conversion: Any Probe Has A Five-Segment Frequency Conversion Function;
11.Image Mirroring: Rotate The Mirror Up, Down, Left And Right, And The Interface Can Be Flipped In Black And White;
12.With Image Rotation Function, The Image Can Be Flipped Up And Down, Left And Right;
13.Body Position Markers: ≥ 18 Types;In Addition, There Is An Annotation Function To Facilitate Text And Body Marker Annotation;
14.Conventional Measurement: Distance,Perimeter, Area, Volume, Angle;
15. Specialist Measurement: Obstetric Measurement And Cardiac Measurement Of 8 Animals;
16. It Has The Functions Of Grid Ruler And Point Ruler, Which Can Quickly Read The Size Of The Detection Target
17. Character Display: Gain, Frequency, Dynamics, Date, Time;
18. With 256-Frame Movie Playback Function, Frame-By-Frame Playback And Video Playback, And Frame-By-Frame Playback Can Select Any Image Measurement Annotation And Save Functions;
19. Storage: Built-In 8G Storage,External U Disk Storage, You Can Browse Pictures Locally, And Transfer The Built-In Pictures To U Disk;
20. Dynamic Range: 0-135dB;
21. Image Processing: Gamma Correction(0-7), Frame Correlation (0-3), Line Correlation (0-5), Edge Enhancement (0-3), Left And Right Flip (0-1), Sixteen Kinds Of Pseudo-Color Deal With;
22. Blind Zone: ≤4
23. Maximum Display Depth: 3.5MHz: 270mm 6.5MHz: 189mm 7.5MHz: 165mm;
24. Interface: USB Interface, TF Card, Interface, VIDEO;
25. Geometric Accuracy: Horizontal ≤ 5%, Vertical ≤ 5%
26. Resolution: Lateral ≤2mm, Axial ≤1mm
27. Display Magnification: 16 Display Modes;
28. Gain Range: 0~100dB;
29. Near Field Adjustment Range: -31~0;
30. Far-Field Adjustment Range: 0~31;
31. It Has Settings Such As Time And Date, Video Output, TV Format, Button Tone Switch, Parameter Mode, Standby Protection, Multi-Language Selection, And Custom Pregnancy Weeks;
32. Battery Power Indicator, U Disk Indicator, Prompt Information Display;
33. Large-Capacity Lithium Battery,Imported 18650 Standard Battery, Can Work Continuously For About 4 Hours;
34. Host Size: 236x148x42mm (Length X Width X Height);
35. Host Weight: 860g;
36. Accessories: Hood, Lanyard,Convenient For The Operator To Use.

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