Upper Limb Raising Pad
Upper Limb Raising Pad
limb lift pad
Upper Limb Raising Pad
upper lifting foam

C005 Upper Limb Raising Pad

Color: Green
Size: 50*20*25CM
Material: Sponge+Suede Cover+Waterproof Inner Cover
Function: Upper Limb Raising And Positioning
Feature: Common Use For Adults
Application: Upper Extremity Fracture Patient
Pack:Vacuum Compression Pack



C005 Medical Nursing Upper Limb Raising Pads For Positioning And Promote Blood Reflux Anti-Pressure Ulcer Pads

1. V-Shaped Groove Design: Combined With Ergonomics, The Deep-Concave V-Shaped Shape Conforms To The Shape Of The Human Body, Maintaining A Functional Position Of 15~20CM, Which Is Conducive To The Return Of Venous Blood And The Swelling Of The Injured Part.
2. Waterproof Built-In: Keep The Sponge Dry And Breathable, And Prevent Liquid From Infiltrating;
3. Deerskin Flannel: Soft, Comfortable, Breathable And Washable;
4. Zipper Design: Hinged Non-Slip Design, Easy To Remove And Wash;
5. Sponge Material: High Elastic Sponge, Good Comfort And High Softness.

Model No







High Elastic Sponge, Suede Cover And  Waterproof Inner Cover

Apply Patients

Isuitable For Postoperative Recovery Of Patients With Upper Extremity Fractures

Apply Scope

Positioning Before And After Upper Extremity Surgery Or After Cast Immobilization


Conducive To The Placement Of Limbs, Promote The Return Of Upper Limb Fluid, Prevent Or Reduce Limb Swelling, And Promote

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