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JQ-S04C-2 Stainless Steel 4 door Cat Cage

Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Whole Set 4 Cages
Whole Set Size: L1220*D700*H1575mm
Anti-Vibration And Mute Sticker: Included
Floor Grid Not Include
Foot Board And Litter Box: Included
Lock Door Unique Sliding Door Lock



JQ-S04C-2 Stainless Steel Cat Cage Include Foot Board And Litter Box

Model: JQ-S04C-2 Features:
Overall Size: L1220*D700*H1575mm 1. The Cat Cage Is Of Reasonable Structure, Super Pressure And Durable.

2. Unique Sliding Mute Design,Automatic Locking,Convenient And Safe.

3. High Strength Acrylic Divider Board In The Middle Is Removable, Clean And Sanitary.

4. Cage Inside Is Round Corner Design,No Dead Angle

5. Special Anti-Vibration And Mute Sticker On The Cage Outside Which Makes Noise Reduction More Quiet6.Bottom Is Silent Moving Brake Wheel

Upper Cage: L715*D700*H610mm
Lower Cage: L610*D700*H820mm
Floor Board Included
Food Box Included
Divider Board Acrylic

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