Sponge Heel Pad
Sponge Heel Pad
Sponge Heel Padding
Sponge Heel Pad

C015 Sponge Medical Heel Pad

Color: Pink
Size: 20*17*15cm
Material: High Elasticity Sponge
Function: Prevent Pressure Ulcers In Foot
Feature: Common Use For Lying Patients
Application: Protects Ankles And Elbows



C015 Disposable Medical Heel Pad For Bedridden Patients Or The Elderly Foot Protection Sponge Pads For Surgical Patients

1. Unique Appearance, According To The Principle Of Ergonomic Mechanics, Fit The Physiological Characteristics, More Comfortable To Use And Better Wrapping.
2. Wave-Shaped Design, Breathable Design Of The Heel Hole.
3. Decompression Cotton Simple Velcro, Decomposes Pressure, Promotes Blood Circulation, More Comfortable And Lightweight
4. This Product Can Not Only Protect Ankles, But Also An Elbow Protector.

Model No



Free Size




High Elasticity Sponge And Velcro

Apply Patients

Long-Term Bedridden Patients Or The Elderly; Patients Undergoing Surgery, Those Who Need Bed Rest, And Patients With Local Trauma Or The Trauma Site That Cannot Be Stressed. Suitable For Long-Term Wheelchair Users Too


Promotes Blood Circulation, Protects Ankle And Elbow Joints And Their Skin Integrity, Prevents Pressure Ulcers.

Prevents Heels From Rubbing And Breaking The Skin (Can Also Be Used On Elbows That Are Prone To Wear)

User Instructions:
1. Tear Off The Velcro And Open It.
2. The Patient Sits On The Bed Or Chair And Puts The Foot Or Elbow Into The Groove Of The Heel Pad.
3. Paste The Velcro

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