Co2 Absorber Canister
Co2 Absorber Canister
Cal Sodada Co2 Absorber Canister
Co2 absorbent canister
soda lime absorber

Disposable Soda Lime Co2 Absorber match all kinds anesthesia machine

Brand Name: NAFERN
Model Number: NF250WV-400C
Net Weight: 400g
Particel Diameter: 2.5mm
Color Idencation: White To Violet Color Change
Working Time: About 7 Hours



Medical Soda Lime Co2 Absorber Canister For Drager GE Mindray And Any Kinds Anesthesia Machines

CO2/Carbon Dioxide Absorbent Soda LimeTechnical Specifications

Model No




Calcium Hydroxide :76%-83%

Sodium Hydroxide :<5%

Water :12%-19%

Co2 Activity


Co2 Absorption


Moisture Antivity


Color Indication And PH Change

(Before) White PH :12-14,(After Use) Violet Color PH:10


2.5-5mm Irregular Cylindrical Particles

Dust Proportion


Net Weight Per Canister


Validity Period

3 Years


Use For Mindray.GE.Drager And So On Any Kinds Of Anesthesia Machine

Package Standard

50 Canisters In One Carton

Co2 Absorbent Application

MEDICAL, MILITARY,DIVING,MINING, And SAFETY APPLICATIONS. • Used To Absorb Expired Co2 During Anesthesia (In Operation Theatres). • Used For Removing Carbon Dioxide From Oxygen-Based Metabolism, In Estimation Respirators, Breathing Apparatus, Diving Rebreathers. • Removes Co2 From Manned Closed Atmospheres, Such As Submarine, And Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus, Such As Rebreathers. • It Is Extensively Used In Navies, For Use By Divers In Submarines.


1.Easy To Change/No Dust Just Remove The Old And Fix The New One,Few Seconds,No Dust,No Damage To Medical Staff And Environment

2. No Infection JQ Absorbent Canister Is Dispossable Product,Could Use About 6hours In Clinical Application,One Patient Use 1pc To Reduce Cross Infection Greatly

3.Fully Absorbed Internal Isolation Setting, Fully Absorb The Co2,Avoid Waste, Save Costs

4.Innovative Design, Compatible With All Anesthesia Machines

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