waist transfer band
waist transfer band
Shift Rehabilitation Belt
Shift Rehabilitation Belt

Y06 Shift Rehabilitation Belt Stroke Hemiplegia Trainer

Model Number: Y06
Product Name: Shift Rehabilitation Belt
Color: Green
Size: L /M/S Size
Material: Cotton Fabric, Filled With Decompression Cotton
Function: Move, Transfer, Assist Over The Bed
Application: Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers



Y06 Shift Rehabilitation Belt To Assist The Elderly Transfer To Get Up And Move Standing Stroke Hemiplegia Trainer

Product Features:
1. Nylon Webbing: Soft And Smooth, Firm And Firm.
2. Pull Button: Corrosion Resistance, Heat Resistance, Low Temperature Resistance, Rust Resistance, Etc.
3. Twill Cotton Cloth: Moisture-Absorbing, Breathable, Durable And Cleaning-Resistant.
4. Reinforcement Sewing: Sewing The Seams And The Stressed Parts For Many Times, Making It More Firm And Firm.
5. Built-In Sponge: Filled With Thick Sponge, Evenly Distributed Pressure Without Streak Marks, Very Comfortable, Even Those With Uncomfortable Lumbar Vertebrae Can Wear It.
6. Cotton Webbing Hemming: Comfortable And Breathable Cotton Webbing, Exquisite Workmanship, Reinforced And Strong Sewing Hemming.
7. Velcro: In Line With The Principles Of Engineering Mechanics, The Width And Length Of The Velcro That Fit The Physiological Characteristics Are Easy To Use And Easy To Operate.
8. Nylon Handle: Multiple Solid Nylon Handles Help The Nursing Staff, Reduce The Burden And Reduce The Work Intensity.

Y06-1 For Waist And Leg Belt For Patients( Rehabilitation Patient, Emergency Room Patient, Confused Person Who Needs Help, Person With Inflexible Legs And Feet, Long-Term Bedridden Patient)

Y06-2 Waist Belt For Caregivers Wear, The Horizontal And Vertical Grips Are Convenient For The Patient To Grasp, The YKK Buckle And Imported Velcro Are Used To Ensure Firmness And Safety, And The Non-Slip Design Is More Intimate

Y06-1 And Y06-2 Need To Be Used Together,Main Function Is Exercise Walking, Support To Prevent Falling, Move, Transfer, Help To Cross The Bed, Take A Bath In The Chair, Learn To Walk And Shift.

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