Oxygen analyser

Portable Oxygen Analyser Oxygen Purity Sensor With Battery

Measuring Range: 0-100%
Oxygen Concentration: 20%-100%
Responsive Time: 15s



Techinal Performance:
♦ Measuring Range: 0~100%
♦Responsive Time: 15 Seconds
♦Environmental Temperature: 0℃~40℃
♦Environmental Humidify: <85%
♦ Use Life For Electrode Is No Less Than 1 Years.

Oxygen Analyzer Features:

JQ Oxygen Analyzer Adopting Anti-Corrosive Oxygen Electrode As Sensor, Completely In Accordance With Stipulated
Requirement Of JJG365-1998 And Widely Used In These Areas With Testing Of Oxygen Content And Other Occasion Where Needs To Analyzeoxygen Concentration,Such As Medical Treatment And Public Health, Chemical Industry, Electronics Industry,Environmental Monitoring.

♦It Also Can Match With Domestic, Foreign Anesthesia, Breathing Machine.

♦The Product Has Following Characteristics Such As Quick Response, High Stability, Good Repeatability. Testing One Data Only Needs
About One Minute, The Oxygen Concentration In The Air Will Be Changed Into Electrical
Signal By Oxygen Electrode, And Will Display Oxygen Concentration Which Be Tested By Subtracter Conversion. The Meter Which Adopts
The Way Of 20.8 For Air Calibration, Convenient Operation And With Battery Low Voltage Alarm Circuit.

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