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ultrasound scanner
Vet Doppler Ultrasound
ultrasound scanners
veterinary ultrasound

JQ-M6 Vet Doppler Ultrasound Portable Color Ultrasound Scanners

Display Screen: 5.7inch
Scan Depth: 270mm
Scanning Mode: 3.5m Mechanical Fan Scanning
Body Position Markers: ≥18 Kinds
Display Magnification: 16 Display Modes
Interface: USB, Video Output, Power, Probe
Application: Veterinary Examination



JQ-M6 Vet Doppler Ultrasound Portable Color Ultrasound Scanners Mechanical Sector Scan Ultrasonic Diagnostic Instrument

Main Features:
* 5.7-Inch Ultra-Clear LCD Screen.
* Video Playback Function:The Last Test Videocould Be Played And Observed, Convenient For One Person To Operate And Record Videos.
* Probe Preheating Function, Do Not Need To Worry About Probe Freeze In Winter.
* Ten Colors Are Adjustable To Observe Diseases More Clearly.
* Chinese And English Can Be Changedat Will.
* Grid Ruler, Quickly Read Out The Size Of The Measurement Target.
* Fully Waterproofprobe.
Applicable Object: Pigs, Sheeps, Dogs

Model No


Probe Type

Mechanical Sector

Scan Depth


Blind Area


Display Screen


Four-Stage Frequency Conversion

2.0MHZ, 2.5MHz, 3.5MHz, 5.0MHz

Frequency Conversion

Four-Segment Frequency Conversion Function

Video Playback

256-Frame Movie Playback Function

Display Magnification

16 Display Modes

Image Storage

127 Pictures Can Be Stored Permanently



Net Weight



USB, Video Output Interface, Power Interface, Probe Interface

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