Portable AED Defibrillator
Portable AED Defibrillator
AED Defibrillator

AED type Multifunction Bipasic defibrillator with Pacer function

Display: 7inch TFT
Standard Parameter:AED,Bipasic,ECG,Printer
Operation Mode: AED Mode And Manual Mode
Application: AMBLUENCE,First-Aid,ICU



JQ-Xpress Portable AED Type Bipasic Defibrillator With NIBP,Spo2,Co2 And Pacer Function Optional
5 Languages Available: English.Russian.Spanish.Chinese.Turkish

Technical Specifications:
JQ-Xpress Defibrillator Integrated Monitoring, Manual Defibrillation, AED And Pacer (Option). It Is A Professional Biphasic Defibrillator Monitor ,Suitable For Hospitals And Clinics.

Screen Type: High-Resolution Display
Screen Size: 7 Inches (17.7 Cm) Diagonally
Sweep Speed: 25mm/Sec
Information: Heart Rate . Lead/Pads. Alarm . On/Off . SpO2 . AED
Functions And Prompts Alarm Selection And Limits Delivered Energy.
5 Languages Available: English.Russian.Spanesh.Chinese.Turkish

Waveform: Biphasic
Charge Time: Less Than 7 Seconds With A New Fully Charged Battery.
Energy Display: Monitor Display Indicates Both Selected And Delivered Energy.
Charge Prompt Type: Voice And Visual Prompts.
Electrode Impedance Measurement Range: 0-250 Ohms.

ECG Monitoring
Patient Connection: 3-Lead ECG Cable Or 5-Lead ECG Cable Paddles.
Lead Selection: Displayed On Monitor Paddles I II III AVR AVL AVF V.
ECG Size: 0.25 0.5 1 1.5 2 4 Cm/MV Display On Monitor.
Heart Rate: 20-300BPM.
Heart Rate Alarm: On/Off Displayed On Monitor User-Selectable.
Smart Alarms: Beeper/Voice Prompts Indicate Shock Able Rhythm.

High-Resolution Thermal Printer
Printing Method: High Resolution,Thermal Print Head
Print-Out Mode:Manual Or Automatic Or User-Configurable
Paper Width: 50 Mm.
Paper Speed: 12.5mm/Sec,25 Mm/Sec, 50 Mm/Sec
User Selectable 6 Seconds Delay

AED Mode
AED Function:Auto Analyze And Charge X3 With Programmable Auto Energy Level Selection,Screen Prompts,And Voice Prompts
Shockable Rhythms:Ventricular Fibrillation With Amplitude≥ 200uV,Ventricular Tachycardia With Rates ≥ 140bpm,And QRS Complex Wave Duration ≥ 140ms.
Charge Control:Control On Device Front Panel,Press Key On Paddle
Prompts: Voice And Visual Prompts

Manual Mode
Engery Selection:Selectable At 2,5,7,10,20,30,50,70,100,150,200,300,360 Joules.
Synchronized Mode:Synchronizes Defibrillator Pulse To Patient’s
R-Wave.”SYNC” Message Displayed On Monitor

Type: Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery 12V.
Operating Time: For A New Fully Charged Battery: 60 Defibrillator Discharges At Maximum Energy Or 3 Hours Minimum Of Continuous ECG Monitoring. Additional Parameters Will Effect Operating Time With Different Functions.

SpO2 Module (Optional Need Extra Cost):
Measurement Range: 30~100% ±2% Between 80%~90% Others ±5%
Alarm Range: User Set High Limit And Low Limit.
Alarm Accuracy: ±10% Within Setting Values.
Alarm Time Accuracy: Less Than 12 Sec.
1-Meditech Pulse Oximeter
2-Nellcor Pulse Oximeter

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