6213 ambulance monitor

JQ-6213 Plus Patient Monitor

8.4inch TFT screen


With Lithium battery: 2600MAH 11.1V X1

Warranty:2 years

JQ-6213 Plus Examination Therapy Equipments Ambulance Emergency Patient Monitor

1. 8.4” Color TFT Display
2.Apply for Patient Emergency Transport Theatre (Portable)
3.Configuring a continuous bedside monitoring with ECG
4.Could match ETCO2,NELLCOR/MASIMO oxygen saturation of blood,CMS,printer
5.wired/wireless,3G/4G connection are optional
6.Switching power supply

Model No.:

JQ-6213 Plus Ambulance patient monitor




not inlcude battery:2.5Kg


Color TFT LCD 8.1 inch 600×800 pixels

Alarm system

audible and visual alarm system

Input voltage


Input Current


Rated battery voltage

d.c. 14.8V

Battery capacity


Minimum power supply time

about 3h

Charging time

1.5-2 hours

Standard Packing

5 lead American standard ECG lead wire X1

Adult finger clip type oxygen probeX1

10K body surface temperature probe X1

Adult disposable electrocardiographic electrode X1

Adult blood pressure cuff X1

3M gray blood pressure extension tube X1

Ground wire X1

Lithium battery / 2600MAH 11.1V X1

2M American standard power cord X1

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