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Transfer Slide Sheet
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Y05 Medical Patient Transfer Sheet

Color: Green
Thickness: 0.2mm
Size: Could Be Customized
Cover Material: Polyamide With Coating
Advantage: 60-Degree Easy Shift, Labor-Saving
Application: Hospitals And Home Care
Function: Help The Patient To Move And Turning Over In Bed



Y05 Medical Coated Polyamide Material Patient Transfer Sheet For Patient Transfer In Hospitals And Home Care

1. Strictly Select Polyamide Material, The Slip Surface Coating Is Imported From Japan
2. Soft And Comfortable, Effectively Reducing The Coefficient Of Frictional Resistance
3. The Thickness Is About 0.2MM, Which Can Be Folded Into The Bag, Easy To Carry
4. Help The Disabled Patients To Move And Turn Over On The Bed, Reduce Friction In Nursing,Reduce The Work Intensity Of Medical Staff.
5. 360-Degree Easy Displacement, Labor-Saving
6. Reduce The Cost Of Relocation Care
7. Machine Washable, It Takes About 10 Minutes To Dry In The Shade

1. The Sliding Coefficient Of The Sliding Cloth Is Very High, Please Take It Out After The Nursing Is Completed, So As To Prevent The Bedridden From Accidentally Slipping And Falling;
2. Please Be Gentle During The Nursing Process, And It Should Not Be Too Large;
3. When Moving Or Lifting The Patient’s Limbs, The Palms Can Be Used To Hold, Caress And Other Actions To Reduce The Patient’s Tension And Discomfort.

Cleaning And Maintenance:
1. Use Neutral Detergent, Hand Wash With Water Below 40C Or Machine Wash With Weak Washing Machine;
2. Flatten After Cleaning, Avoid Direct Sunlight, And Dry In A Cool Place;
3. Please Do Not Place The Product Close To High Temperature Items Such As Hair Dryers And Electric Blankets.

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