shoulder restraint strap
shoulder restraint strap
shoulder belt
shoulder strap
shoulder strap

E003-01 Patient Shoulder Restraint Strap

Size: Free
Color: White And Black Available
Metal Part: Alloy Material
Belt Part: Cotton Webbing
Function: Fix Patient Shoulder On Bed
Application: Psychiatric Hospitals



E003-01A Mental Hospital Nursing Used Patient Shoulder Restraint Strap Medical Magnetic Belt

Standard Unit: 1 Belt, 2 Lock Buckles, 2 Lock Nails, 1 Magnetic Key

1. The Design Of Strong Tensile Force And Front And Rear Wear Avoids The Situation That Agitated Patients Can Untie Themselves And Break Free;
2. The Belt Is Widened And Thickened At The Stressed Part, And The Super-Long Belt Can Adjust The Tightness At Will, Giving Space To Turn Over Freely, Avoiding Blood Circulation Disorders And Causing Local Skin To Be Strangled And Edema;
3. It Is Made Of High-Strength Cotton Fabric. The Stress-Receiving Part Is Widened And Thickened. The Extra-Long Belt Is Tied To The Bed Beam. The Design That Can Be Worn In Both Fronts And Fronts Prevents Restless Patients From Unraveling And Breaking Free.

1. Prevent Patients From Scratching, Bruising, Falling From Bed Or Extubation, Self-Injury And Other Accidents;
2. Patients With Severe Cognitive Impairment Or (And) Physical Dysfunction Or Patients With Cognitive Impairment Have Used Medical Equipment Such As ECG Monitors, Intravascular Indwelling Needles, Etc.

1. After The Patient Uses The Restraint Belt, The Medical Staff Must Regularly Observe The Patient’s Condition;
2. The Fixing Straps Of All Restraint Straps Must Be Fixed On The Bed Frame ,Cannot Be Installed On The Movable Bed Rail;
3. Before Use, Please Check Whether The Restraint Belt Is Damaged, Whether The Key, Lock And Nail Are Ready;
4. When The Fixing Belt Is Fixed On The Bed Frame, Do Not Be Too Tight, So As To Facilitate The Movement And Adjustment Of The Position;
5. After The Lock Nail Is Locked, The Lock Must Be Pulled Up Again To Check Whether It Is Loose;
6. For Patients With Cardiac Pacemakers, They Must Keep A Distance Of More Than 20CM From The Pacemaker When Using The Magnetic Lock Key.
7. Do Not Use Sharp Objects To Keep Rubbing The Webbing, And Do Not Use Heavy Objects To Hit The Magnetic Lock Device.

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