hand restraint belt
hand restraint belt
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hand belt
hand restraint strap

E001-01A One-Hand Magnetic Restraint Belt

Size: Free
Color: White
Metal Part: Alloy Material
Belt Part: Cotton Webbing
Function: Restrain The Patient’s Hand
Application: Psychiatric Hospitals
Standard Unit: 1 Wrist Strap, 2 Lock Buckles, 2 Lock Pins, 1 Magnetic Key



E-001-01A One-Hand Magnetic Restraint Belt Apply To Psychiatric Hospitals And General Hospitals

Instructions: One End Fix The Hand Wrist And The Other End Is Fixed On The Bed Frame Or Other Immovable And Stable Supports, And The Range Of Activities After Restraint Can Be Adjusted By Itself.

Function: Prevent Patients From Extubation, Scratching Wounds, Restless Attacks, Self-Injury And Other Injuries. It Helps The Recovery Of Patients Or Drug Addicts, And Protects The Police, Doctors And Their Families.

Application: Psychiatric Specialists, Psychiatric Patients, Drug Rehabilitation Centers, Prisons, Detention Centers, Detention Centers And Other Groups That Need To Be Controlled And Restrained. It Is Suitable For Preventing Patients From Extubation, Scratching Wounds, Restless Attacks And Other Behaviors.

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