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JQ-B200S Neonatal Jaundice Blue Light Phototherapy Blanket

Model Number: JQ-B200S
Blanket Size: 29*31cm
Iuminous area :900cm
Weight: no more than 1.2kg
Safety Standard:EN 149 -2001+A1-2009



JQ-B200L LED light source outputs about 30,000 hours, suitable for hospital use.
JQ-B200S LED light source outputs about 150 hours, suitable for home treatment.

Technical Parameters:
1.Use LED light source to produce therapeutic blue light with a wavelength between 440-550 nanometers (peak value at 460-490nm), which is the wavelength of phototherapy light source with the best absorption effect in treating hyperbilirubinemia.
​2.Provides sufficient irradiation area.
3.Side wing design, extra large carpet surface 29*31cm, luminous area 900cm
4.High-intensity light source, light energy not less than 35μm/cm2/nm (±25%)
5.Hostless design, convenient for breastfeeding and interaction.
6.Noiseless, making treatment for children quieter.
7.The equipment is light and portable, with an overall weight of no more than 1.2kg, making it easy to transport and use.
8.LED light bead long-lasting light source can last up to 150 or 3,000 hours under continuous use without light energy attenuation.

1.360° fully wrapped bird’s nest design maximizes the baby’s skin area that receives light
2. Protect eyes and reproductive organs
3. Mother and baby are not separated, and the household type is convenient and fast
4. Cold light source does not generate heat, safe and effective

Scope of application:
For the treatment of jaundice caused by excessive blood bilirubin concentration in newborns caused by pathological and/or physiological factors.

Product principle: Blue light therapy uses blue light with a wavelength of 400~550nm to irradiate the skin of newborns, which can convert indirect bilirubin in the serum and skin of the irradiated area into photo-oxybilirubin, which is excreted through bile and urine to reduce serum indirect bilirubin. Bilirubin content. The absorption band of bilirubin is 400~550nm, and the wavelength of blue light is exactly between 425~475nm.

Contraindications: Not yet clear.
Validity period: 3 years

Packing List:
Phototherapy Blanket: 1pc
Medical gauze protective cover: 1pc
Power cable: 1pc
User Manual: 1pc

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