Saline Infusion Stand

JQ-W70 Mechanical Saline Infusion Stand mobile Salt water rack 20000CC

Model Number: JQ-W70
Height Adjustable: 160cm-260cm
Single Hook Loading: Max 6kg
Castor: 3inch Silient Castor
Lift Method: Mechanical
Load Ability:Max 20000cc
Application:Orthopedics (Arthroscope), Urology



JQ-W70 Mechanically Assisted Saline Infusion Stand Height Adjustable Mobile Salt Water Rack

Mechanical Infusion Stand Features:
1. Application: Orthopedics (Arthroscope), Urology, Obstetrics And Gynecology, Emergency And Other Operations;
2. Simple Operation: Just Lift And Release The Booster Lifting Button, Any Height Can Be Adjusted. Safety To Use;
3. Adjustable Range: 160cm (±3cm) -260cm (±3cm), Any Hook Can Be Adjusted (To Resolve Height Restrictions);
4. Independent Hooks: Four Independent Hooks, Total Load Can Reach 20000cc Flushing Fluid
(Single Hook Can Hang Up To Two 3-Liter Saline Bags);
5. Mechanical Assistance: Pure Mechanical Principle Structure, No Hydraulic Oil, No Additional Power Supply,
No Consumable Cost,And Humanized Design;
6. Scale (Optional): The Scale Ruler Allows Users To Choose Different Heights More Intuitively And Conveniently,
So As To Ensure That The Intraoperative Perfusion Water Pressure Is More Sufficient.

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