20032 hydraulic or table

JQ-2003 Medical hydraulic gynaecology operation table

Type:Manual hydraulic gynecology table
Material: stainless steel
Accessories: same as on photo

JQ-2003 Medical apparatus and instruments hydraulic examination table gynaecology operation table

1/ The hydraulic examination table is mainly used for delivery and gynecologic surgeries.
2 The tabletop lifting is controlled by hydraulic pump, all the actions can be adjusted and locked at any positions in its adjustment range.
3/JQ-2003 is made of carbon steel with plastic spraying, JQ-2003A is made of stainless steel.


JQ-2003 Hydrolic gynaecology operation table

1/Table size


2/ Table height


3/ Led board


4/ lean forward angle


5/ lean backward angle


6/ Back board folded up


7/ Back board folded down


8/ Seat board folding up


9/ Seat board folding down


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