nafern medical calcium lime
nafern medical calcium lime
Medical calcium lime
white tom purple
3mm medical soda lime

Medical calcium lime,500g per Bottle

Brand Name: NAFERN
Disinfecting Type:Far Infrared
Shape: Irregular D-Profile
Particel Diameter:3.0mm-3.8mm
Color Idencation:White Change To Purple
Application: Absorbent for pet hospital urgical anesthesia



Medical calcium lime CO2 carbon dioxide adsorbent pet hospital surgical anesthesia absorbent 500g per bottle


CO2/Carbon Dioxide Absorbent Soda LimeTechnical Specifications



Calcium Hydroxide :76%-83%

Sodium Hydroxide :<5%

Water :12%-19%

Co2 Activity


Co2 Absorption


Moisture Antivity


Color Indication And PH Change

(Before) White PH :12-14,(After Use) Purple Color PH:10


2.5-5mm Irregular D-Profile (Actual Diameter: 3.5mm-3.8mm)

Dust Proportion



Sealed Storage In Dry,Cool And Shady Place

Validity Period

2 Years


Avoid Contacting Eyes,Not Reusable After Color Change

Package Standard

500g per Bottle


Non-Potassium Hydroxide JQ Sodium Lime Main Ingredients Are Calcium Hydroxide And Sodium Hydroxide, Non-Potassium Hydroxide, Which Can Effectively Reduce The Generation Of Nephrotoxic Substances In The Using Process

High Hardness And Low Dust Rate High-Quality Raw Materials And Advanced Dust Suppression Technology To Ensure The Dust Content Less Than 0.2%, Rigid Particles Not Easy To Be Shattered Before And After Use,Thus Effectively Reduce Dust Pollution And Improve Ventilation.

Cylindrical Irregular Particles Compared With Other Shape Particles, Cylindrical Irregular Particles Provides A Larger Surface Area, Can Make Soda Lime Get Better Use,For Better Co2 Absorption

Excellent Co2 Absorption Capacity Clinical Application Data Show That JQ Sodium Lime Is Efficient For 10 Hours Working Time Per Kg,(Tested In General Operation,Actual Use Depends)

Sensitive Color Indication Pink To White Or White To Purple, The Color Changes Significantly, Providing Great Convenience For Clinical Applications.

Low Risk Of Anesthesia Pay More Attention To Thrifty And Environmental Impact Of Anesthesia Surgery, To Reduce The Risk Of Anesthesia And Provide Perfect Results

Co2 Absorbent Application:


• Used To Absorb Expired Co2 During Anesthesia (In Operation Theatres).

• Used For Removing Carbon Dioxide From Oxygen-Based Metabolism, In Estimation Respirators, Breathing Apparatus, Diving Rebreathers.

• Removes Co2 From Manned Closed Atmospheres, Such As Submarine, And Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus, Such As Rebreathers.

• It Is Extensively Used In Navies, For Use By Divers In Submarines.

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