Defibrillator Monitor

JQ-8000C 7inch medical Biphasic defibrillator monitor with ECG, Pulse, Resp external AED

Operation Type:Manual, Synchronized, Asynchronized
Defibrillator Type:Biphasic Monitor-Defibrillator
Display:7inch TFT
Standard:Lead-Acid Battery X2



Standard Parameter & Configuration
7inch LCD With High Resolution True-Color Graphic
ECG, NIBP, TEMP, SpO2, Pulse, Resp

Technical Specifications:
1/Synchronous And Asynchronous:Outlife Defibrillator
2/Energy: 0,3,5,7,10,20,30,50,100,200,300,360 Joule
3/Charging Time: At 360J Less Than 10sec
4/Paddle Options: Reusable External Adult And Pediatric Paddles
5/AC Power And Intemal Lead-Acid Battery
6/Vehicle Votage And Li-Ion Battery Optional

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