ART tooth cleaner

ART-M3II 30K and 25K Magnetostrictive Tooth Cleaner

Operating Frequency: 25KHz±5%
Power Supply: 10W~30W±10%
Work Tips: 7 Types Optional



ART Brand M3II Dental Equipments Magnetostrictivel Ultrasonic Scaler With Display Screen Tooth Cleaning Machine

Art-M311 New Digital Chip Design, With Frequency Chasing And Liquid Crystal Display, When Cleaning The Calculus Meets Increased Resistance, The Working Tip Vibration Frequency Will Be Automatically Add By 30-40%. The LCD Display Can Provide More Intuitive Feedback Data For The Dentist. They Work More Conveniently, Accurately And Quickly. Seven Different Models Of Work Tips Provide More Professional And Comfortable Cleaning Of Dental Calculus, Periodontal Disease Treatment And Root Canal Enlargement Treatment.

(Work Tip Can Be 135 °, C / 216Kpa High Temperature Autoclave Sterilization)

JQ-ART-M1 Magnetostrictive Tooth Cleaner
Specifications: Included Parts & Accessories:
Operating Frequency: 25KHz±5% Maverick (ART-MII) Main Unit
Output Power In Regular Scaling Mode: 10W~30W±10% Foot Switch
Output Power In Turbo Mode: 20W~35W±10% Power Cord
Water Supply: 25~60PSIG (172~414Kpa) Water Pipe
Size: Quick Connector
Weight: One P10 Work Tip

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