ART-M1 dental scaler
ART-M1 dental scaler

M1 dental ultrasonic cleaner with tips

Model Number: JQ-M1

Operating frequency: 25KHz±5%

Application: Dental cleaning

Work tips: 7 types optional


ART brand M1 Magnetostrictive tooth cleaner dental ultrasonic scaler for scaling, periodontal treatment and root canal washing

The Maverick (ART-M1) is our most basic scaler. The Maverick is available only in a 25KHz model.


1) Painless cleaning, cleaning treatment over the gums, scaling treatment under the gums

2) Expand tube, swash and disinfection all in one step, eliminate broken needles, clear calcified root canal, extract broken needle foreign body

3)Non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease, deep subgingival scaling

4)Maintain dental implants and treat periodontitis

5)Seven different models of work tips provide more professional and comfortable cleaning and treatment

 (Work tip can be 135 °, C / 216Kpa high temperature autoclave sterilization)

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