Lumbar and cervical traction bed
Lumbar and cervical traction bed
Electric physiotherapy traction table
traction table static

JQ-EL04 Electric physiotherapy traction table lumbar and cervical traction bed

Table Size: L195*W70cm
Lifting Height Range: 52-94cm
Headrest Adjustable: -45°To +40
Backrest Angle: 0°To +70°
Wheels: 75mm Castors
Foam Thickness: 5CM
Max Loading Weight: 225kgs( 500Lbs)



JQ-EL04 Electric physiotherapy traction table static and intermittent lumbar traction bed cervical traction treatments

Model NO
1/Table longth and wideth
2/Height adjustable
3/Headrest adjustable
-45°to +40°
4/Backrest angle
0°to +70°
5/Foam thickness
75mm castors
7/Max loading weight
225kgs( 500Lbs)
8/Packing size:
199 x 76 x 58cm

The Lumbar traction bed develops to offer static and intermittent lumbar and cervical traction treatments.
Lumbar traction bed use the professional 7.5cm diameter medical pressure wheel, so that the mobile device more convenient.

1. One electric motor, standard supports “Timotion” brand for Hi-Lo function..
2. Mechanical traction table height control by footbar system.
3. Max traction 16cm (between backrest and second section.
4. Adjustable angle machine mount and flexion stool.
5. Adjustable head section featuring single gas struts, angle adjustable from -45° to +40°.
6. Adjustable backrest featuring single gas struts, angle adjustable from 0° to +70°.
7. Mechanical traction table Able to lift up to 225kg working weight from its lowest height.
8. Retractable castors 75mm for excellent mobility and safety.
9. Lumbar traction bed make a new design for triangular parts.
10. Fire/stain/mildew/oil/water/wear resistant Med PVC available in 9 kinds of colors.
11. Certificates: CE, ISO9001-2008, ISO13485-2007.

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