Limb restraint belt
Limb restraint belt
restraint belt
Limb belt
limb restraints

D006-3 Limb Restraint Belt

Size: Free
Color: Blue
Function: Fix Hand Waist,Foot
Material: Cotton Fabric Band+Padding
Application: Cognitive Impairment Patient And Behavioral Disorders



D006-3 Cotton Fabric And Cotton Sponge Cushion Material Limb Restraint Belt More Suitable For Elderly Care

Notes On Using The Restraint Belt:
1. Patients With Weight Loss And Local Blood Circulation Disorders Should Be Protected.
2. The Restraint Belt Should Be Tied Into A Slipknot, And The Tightness Should Be Based On The Principle That The Patient’s Limbs Are Not Easily Prolapsed, And The Blood Circulation Will Not Be Affected, And The Principle Of Being Able To Stretch One Or Two Fingers Is The Principle.
3. The Restraint Belt Should Be Fixed On The Edge Of The Bed, Bedside Or Chair (Restraint Vest), Not On The Bed Rail.
4. Patrol The Patient Once Every 15-30 Minutes, Loosen The Restraint Belt Once Every 2H, With An Interval Of 15-30MIN
5. When Turning Over Or Moving The Patient, The Restraint Belt Should Be Loosened.
6. When The Restraint Belt Is Loosened, Strengthen The Care To Prevent Accidents.
7. Observe Peripheral Circulation: Skin Color, Temperature, Arterial Pulse, Capillary Filling Time, Edema, Etc. When The Skin Is Pale, Cyanotic, Numb, Tingling, Or Cold At The Restraint Site, The Restraint Belt Should Be Loosened Immediately, And Local Massage Should Be Performed If Necessary.
8. The Restraint Belt Can Only Be Used As A Protective Restraint To Protect The Patient, Not As A Means Of Punishing The Patient. The Use Time Should Not Be Too Long, And The Restraint Should Be Lifted In Time After The Condition Is Stable.

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