portable vein viewer
portable vein viewer
vein viewer
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mobile vein viewer

JQ-500 Handheld vein viewer

Infrared detection depth:8mm
Best detection distance:15-25cm
Color mode:Seven modes
Accuracy of blood vessel resolution::±0.5mm
Accuracy of blood vessel position:±0.5mm
Low working noise:≤40Bp
Power Supply:100V-240V 50Hz-60Hz
product weight:280g
Product Size:20*6*6.5cm



JQ-500 Wholesale price light weight handheld vein viewer with 7 color mode use for face,hand,feet and different color skin

This machine has various user-defined functions, which can adapt to different ages, body
shapes, skin colors, weights and various operating environments.

-7 Colors Available: Suitable for different skin colors or environments.

-3 Sizes Available: Suitable for adults, children and newborns.

-5 Levels of Brightness: Adjust the projection image to the most comfortable brightness.

-Inversion: Reduce arm hair interference and make blood vessels clearer.

-Enhancement Mode: Enhance the clarity of blood vessel detection.

-Sleep Mode: enter into low power mode when the user needs short intervals and can be
waked up quickly.

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