Mobile Multifunction Infusion Stand

JQ-073 Mobile Multifunction trolley stand for medical pumps

Model Number: JQ-073
Application: Infusion Trolley
Lift Method: Foot Pedal
Height Adjustable: 760mm-1100mm
Medical Universal Silent Casters:Wo Brakes And Three Universal Casters



JQ-073 Mobile Multifunction Infusion Stand, Infusion Pump And Syringe Pump Transfer Vehicle IV Pole Trolley

It Is Suitable For Mobile Infusion Operation In Hospitals And Is Convenient To Move,Tools Such As Pens And Clamps Can Be Placed On The Table. It Can Also Be Used As An Infusion Pump Transport.Could Place 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, And Other Combinations Of Syringe Pump, Or Place Combination Of Syringe Pump And Infusion Pump.

1. The Product Design Is Beautiful And Generous, Durable, Easy To Clean And Disinfect
2. The Main Structure Is Made Of High-Quality Aluminum Alloy Materials, The Split Design Is Convenient For Disassembly And Assembly,Is Convenient For Transportation.
3. High Quality Anti-Static Silent Medical Casters, Easy To Push, Stable And Reliable, Two Brakes And Three Universal Casters
4.The Support Base At The Bottom Of The Trolley Is Made Of Aluminum Alloy To Meet The Needs Of Different Spaces, And Users Can Choose According To Their Needs
5.The Size, Quantity And Height Of The Trolley Can Be Customized.

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