H1205 infusion warmer
H1205 infusion warmer
blood warmer 2
tube warmer
Nutrient liquid warmer

JQ-H1205 infusion and Nutrient warmer

Model Number: JQ-H1205
Material: Metal, Plastic
Net weight: 93g
Dimension: 170*24*24mm
Recommended temperature: 43-50℃
Temperature adjustable range:37 ℃ to 60 ℃
Application: warmer for infusion tube

JQ-H1205 Ambulance used tube warmer for Normal infusion and Nutrient solution blood infusion warmer


Power:DC12V/ 2A
Max power: 5W
Dimension: 170*24*24mm
Weight: 93g
Heating temperature adjustable range between 37 ℃ to 60 ℃
Recommended temperature:
Normal infusion: 43-48℃
Nutrient solution: 45-50℃
blood: 39-45℃
User method:
1. connect to power directly
2.connect to any pump machine
3. the warmer itself not include battery.

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