900B standard

JQ-900B(Standard) ICU ventilator with Bulit-in 10.4’LCD display

Model Number: JQ-900B(standard)
Display: 10.4 inch TFT display
Dimensions: 65 cm x 50 cm x 120cm
Weight: 44 kg

JQ-900B (standard)Top level ICU ventilator with Bulit-in 10.4’LCD display for ICU room without air compressor ambulance ventilator

1/ Bulit-in 10.4’LCD display, P-T、F-T、P-V、F-V waveforms, with lock screen,Screen could be rotated freely.
3/ Tidal Volume:Adjustable:20~1500ml ,Display: 0~2000ml
4/ Oxygen Concentration: 21%~100%
5/Pressure trigger, flow trigger,Pressure trigger:1.0 ~ 10.0 L/min
6/ Inspiratory Plateau time:0-50% adjustable

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