Transportation Flat Cart

JQ-883 hydraulic emergency Ambulance transport Stretcher with X-ray compatible

Stand Accessories:Mattress,I.V Pole Frame
Warranty 1 Years
CE And ISO Certificate



JQ-883 Hydraulic Transportation Flat Cart With X-Ray Accessible

Two Seprate Hydraulic Pump,Bed Position Adjustable
Back Section Panel And Leg Section Panel Can Be Adjustable And Through X-Ray
Centrol Lock Brake,Diameter150mm,6inch,Mate With Guide Wheel,Operate The Direction Of The Cart
Top Coat Is Electrostatic Power Coating,Bed Frame Is Cold-Rolled Steel Tube
Optional:Permissible X-Ray Tainless Steel And Aluminum Alloy Side Rails
Stand Accessories:Mattress,I.V Pole Frame

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