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Hospital Operation Table Surgery Leg Support Medical Stirrup Leg Fixator

Model Number:JQ-A5
Product name:Medical lithotomy stirrups
Power Source:Manual and gas spring
Cantilever Length:100cm
Product Weight:11kg
patient loading weight:130KG
Operating rod diameter:20mm
Leg rest adjustment range:310mm
Apply to:Urology or Gynecology surgery



Hospital Operation Table Surgery Leg Support Medical Stirrup Leg Fixator

Application:Suitable for urology, lithotomy, obstetrics and gynecology, laparoscopic surgery, proctology.
Main purpose: Fully expose the surgical field to facilitate operation and avoid iatrogenic injury. Applicable departments:General surgery,gynecology, urology; commonly used in anal, urological, fallopian tube and other surgeries.

Product weight
Cantilever length
Support rod diameter
Main handle diameter
Small handle diameter
Use patient weight
less than 130KG
Cantilever vertical angle adjustment range
Cantilever horizontal angle adjustment range
maximum single- side abduction 25°
Leg support adjustment range

Main Features:
The stirrup-type advanced pneumatic leg rest is the best way to position the lithotomy position. It meets the requirements for the patient’s surgical position in various lithotomy surgical operations. Reduce the intensity of medical staff. Improves surgical efficiency and safety thereby improving surgical results.

Quick installation: The lithotomy position can be adjusted quickly and conveniently, with pneumatic power assist and single-person operation.

Prevention of compression: Innovative use of gastrocnemius and popliteal fossa compression-free boot-type design, the patient’s popliteal fossa, gastrocnemius, nerves and soft tissues around the hip joint are fully protected to avoid complications.

Precise adjustment: the placement angle can be accurately adjusted and quantitatively displayed.

Protect sterility: The lithotomy angle can be reset in the non-sterile area during surgery,and the lithotomy angle can be accurately adjusted without damaging the sterile area to prevent hyperflexion and hyperextension of the hip joint.

Strong compatibility: Compatibly installed with any operating table.

Stirrup leg frame fixator
25* 8mm/30*8mm 

Standard configuration
Main bracket + riding boots
Standard configuration
Liner in sponge
Standard configuration
Transfer cart
Optional configuration
The in-gel liner
Optional configuration

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