HFNC-2 accessories

High Flow 60LPM Oxygen device with medical air compressor

Model Number: JQ-HFNC2
Delivery:need assembly
Humidifier:with heating function

High-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) is a heated and humidified system that allows prescribed fraction of inspired oxygen (FIO2) levels to be delivered at very high flow rates.

How HFNC can help our patients improve their respiratory disease.
There are three main proposed benefits
1. Precise oxygen delivery
2. Functional residual capacity enhancement
3. Dead space washout

JQ-HFNC2 standard parts
1.Air-oxygen Blender
2.Humidifier with Disposable Chamber
3.Support arm
4.Disposable breathing circuit with heating wire
5.Nasal cannula
7.Tool Kits
8.medical air compressor

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