Hand Restraint belt
Hand Restraint belt
Hand wrist Restraint band
Hand wrist Restraint band
wrist restraint

D07 Hand Wrist Restraint Band

Model: D07
Color: Green
Size: Free
Product Name: Patient Hand Wrist Restraint Band
Material: Cotton Fabric + Fiber Mat
Function: Fix Hand Waist
Application: Cognitive Impairment Patient And Behavioral Disorders



D07 Cotton Material Hand Wrist Restraint Band For Patients With Cognitive Impairment And Behavioral Disorders

Surgical Unconditioned Reflex Protective Restraint Is Used For Upper Limbs, Often In Conjunction With Knee Joint Restraints.
1. Double Layer Cotton
2. Hollow Slip Knot Design
3. Beds And Chairs Are Available
4. Simple And Easy To Wear

Prevent Patients From Falling, Falling And Other Dangerous Actions.

Apply To Unconscious Bedridden Patients In Intensive Care (ICU), Cognitive Impairment, Behavioral Disorders, Patients Assessed For Risk Of Falling, Deranged Patients With A Tendency To Injure Themselves Or Others.

Apply To Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Neurosurgery, Etc.
Prevent Patients From Falling From The Bed, Falls And Other Dangerous Actions, And Protect The Lower Limbs Of Patients After Surgery.

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