Veterinary display cage
Veterinary display cage
Veterinary cage
Veterinary cage

Glass door Veterinary display cage

Material: 304 stainless steel
whole set 6 space cage
whole set size: L1220*D700*H2185mm
Front door: tempered glass

JQ-S06-HD Glass door Veterinary cage used in veterinary clinics, hospitals, services, shelters and hotels for animals display




Overall size:


1. 304 Satainless steel cage frame,super pressure, strong and durable.

2. Unique sliding door lock design, automatic locking, good safety.

3. Foot grid and cage with high frequency and high current welding ,strong and will not off welding

4.Fron doort is made of tempered glass

5. Cage waste tray is round corner design,no dead angle

6. The internal seamless waterside is more convenient
and sanitary.

7. Lower cage with movable divider board, can be turned into a large cage.

8. Bottom is silient moving brake wheel

9. cages combination can be customized.

Upper cage:

L610*D700*H610mm                (2 layer)

Lower cage:


Floor Grid


Waster tray


divider board


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