Electric Rehabilitation bobath bed
Electric Rehabilitation bobath bed
Electric Bobath bed
Electric Rehabilitation bobath bed

JQ-EL02W Extra wide Electric Rehabilitation bobath bed

Model NO:JQ-EL02W
Table longth and wideth:190 x 120cm
Height adjustable:49 – 93.5cm
Max loading weight:225kgs( 500Lbs)
Packing size:195 x 125 x 56cm



JQ-EL02W Multi-color Extra wide Electric Rehabilitation bobath bed adjustable prone position and convenient drainage position

Electric Rehabilitation bobath bed With adjustable prone position selection, can make some patients with lung-related diseases to provide effective and convenient drainage position, and increase comfort.

1. “Timotion” brands motor for High-Low function.
2. Designed 3 * breaking holes at back section.
3. Height control from 49cm to 93.5cm by footbar system.
4. Adjustable backrest featuring double gas struct, angle adjustable from 0°to + 65°.
5. Round tube table leg and new design for triangular frame parts.
6. Retractable castors 75mm for excellent mobility and safety.
7. Fire/stain/mildew/oil/water/wear resistant Med PVC available in kinds of colors.

Model NO
1/Table longth and wideth
190 x 120cm
2/Height adjustable
49 – 93.5cm
3/ breaking holes
3pcs at back section.
4/backrest adjustable
0°to 65°
5/Electric motor
one for high-low function
75mm castor
7/Max loading weight
225kgs( 500Lbs)
8/Packing size:
195 x 125 x 56cm

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