Medical Enteral Feeding Pump
Medical Enteral Feeding Pump
feeding pump
Portable Micro Veterinary Nutrition Pump
Enteral Feeding Pump

JQ-1200L Portable Medical Enteral Feeding Pump

Product Name: Enteral Feeding Pump
Water Proof Leve: IPX4
Vehicle Power: Double CPU
Power Indicator: Bolus Release
History Data Memory: Standby Function
Total Infusion Volume: 0.0ml-9999ml



JQ-1200L Hospital ICU Patients Used Medical Enteral Feeding Pump Portable Micro Veterinary Nutrition Pump

Double Chips Ensure Safety Infusion
Produce Strictly According To EMC
Built-In Battery Runs As Long As 6 Hours

Vehicle Power : Double CPU
Power Indicator : Bolus Release
History Data Memory: Standby Function
Safety Lock For Flow Rate Adjust: Tube Heating Function
Safety Lock For PURGE/BOLUS : Preset Volume To Be Infused
Preset Occlusion Detection Pressure Level : Inquiry Of Total Infused Volume
RS232 Interface(Can Be Connected To The Internet): Audible And Visual Alarm (Volume Adjustable)

Advanced Function :
Adjust KVO Rate: Preset System Time
Intelligent Pressure Test : Preset Maximum Value Of Flow Rate
Calculation Mode; Gradient Mode : Adjust Occlusion Detection Pressure

Enteral Nutrition Pump Is A Nutritional Infusion Pump For Nasal Feeding. Water, Nutrient Solution And Self-Made Rice Milk With A Certain Concentration Can Be Input Through The Nasal Feeding Tube. It Has The Functions Of Automatic Infusion, Alarm After Infusion, Quick Discharge And Reverse Axis.
It Is Suitable For The Delivery Of Long-Term Enteral Nutrient Solution For Patients Who Lack The Desire To Eat And Who Cannot Take Nutrients Well. Suitable For Hospitals And Family Patients Who Need Nursing Care.

JQ-1200L Enteral Feeding Pump Parameter

Conventional Model

15 D/Ml Infusion Set 0.0ml/H~1200ml/H
20 D/Ml Infusion Set 0.0ml/H~1200ml/H
60 D/Ml Infusion Set 0.0ml/H~300ml/H
Note:Minimum Resolution Of Setting Flow Rate Is 0.1mL/H When Rate Is Above 1000mL/H,
The Resolution Is 1mL/H.

Drip Mode

15 D/Ml Infusion Set 0 D/Min~300 D/Min
20 D/Ml Infusion Set 0 D/Min~400 D/Min
60 D/Ml Infusion Set 0 D/Min~300 D/Min Note:The Minimum Resolution Dripping
Speed Settings 1d/Min.


≤±3%(Note:Under The Condition Of The Benchmark Test, Using High Elastic Silicone Iv Path
Accuracy After Calibration And Commissioning.)

Bubble Detector

Ultrasonic Detection Method:Bubble Above 25ul Is Detected

Total Infusion Volume

0.0ml-9999ml(0.1ml/H Increment,1ml/H Increment If Over 1000ml/H)

Volume Limit

0.0ml-9999ml(0.1ml/H Increment,1ml/H Increment If Over 1000ml/H)


(H):800±200mmHg (106.7±26.7kPa)
(C):500±100mmHg (66.7±13.3kPa)
(L):300±100mmHg (40.7±13.3kPa)

History Record

These Serial Products Can Maximally Store 4500 Pieces Of History Records.
The Record Includes The Following Information: Date, Flow Rate, Alarm Data, Total Volume
Delivered, Occlusion Pressure And Syringe Brand And Serial Number.


Near Empty Alarm,Empty Alarm,Door Open Alarm, Bubble Alarm,Limited Value
Reached Alarm,
AC Power Failure,Low Battery Alarm,Battery Empty Alarm,Remind Alarm,Flow
Regulator Or Inlet Valve Closed Alarm (Optional)


Supply Voltage:AC100V~240V(±10%),Power Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
Built-In Battery:DC15V Ni-MH Battery(It Can Be Replaced By Lithium Ion Battery Pack
Working Time Of Battery:In Case The Battery Is Fully Charged, The Continuous Working Time Can
Be Up To 6 Hours At The Speed Of 25ml/H.
Maximum Power:30VA;Note:Before The First Use Of This Product, The Battery Must Be Charged
While Being Shut Down For More Than 12 Hours.

Working Environment

Relative Humidity:20%-90%
Environmental Pressure:860hPa-1060hPa

Transport And Storage Environment

Atmosphere Pressure:500hPa~1060hPa.
Products Should Be Stored In The Relative Humidity In The Range Of 10% ~ 93%,
No Corrosion Gas Indoor And Ventilated.

Electric Safety Classification

Class I, CF Type,Built-In Battery,Continuous Operation Equipment

Water Proof Level


Net Weight

1.6kg(Include Fastener)



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