JQ-X10PLUS Multi-Functional Emergency Transport Ventilator

Ventilation Mode:CMV
FiO2:Air Mix, No Air Mix
Minute Volume:3~20L/Min
Battery Working:8 Hours




1. Volume Controlled Method, Used For Adults And Children Over 5kg;
2. Yellow, Blue And Green, The Three-Color Blocks Distinguish Parameter Ranges For Suitable Crowd;
3. Oxygen Concentration Have Two Settings: Air Mix/No Air Mix; Saving More Oxygen;
4. Minute Ventilation Indication, Setting Parameters Conveniently And Quickly;
5. Real Time Airway Pressure Indication;
6. Equipped With Multifunctional Handle, Which Is Convenient For Ventilators To Be Fixed On Various Stretchers And Sickbeds;
7. Rechargeable Internal Li-Battery With Large Capacity; Stand-By Time: >10 Hours;
8. Adopt The Latest Integrated Metal Gas Path Structure, Saving More Gas With Better Compliance;
9. Anti-Seismic, Waterproofed, Unbreakable, Anti-Splashed;

10. Simple Function, Easy To Operate, Especially For First Aid;

Model JQ-X10plus Ambulances Ventilator
Ventilation Mode: CMV
Minute Volume 3~20L/Min
Respiratory Rate 5~40bpm
Over Pressure Relief ≤72hPa
FiO2 Air Mix, No Air Mix
Working Time Of Internal Li-Battery >8hours
Indicators Inspiration, Exhalation, Low Battery Voltage, Charge, Airway Pressure
Ventilator Dimension 220×220×170mm

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