659 emergency trolley

JQ-659 emergency cart with defibrillator shelf and four drawers

Trolley Size: 765*465*890mm
Material: Plastic, Steel/ABS plsatic
Drawers: 4pcs
Application: emergency rescue area

1.Trolley body is made of plastic and steel
2.Drawer adopts three section type ball guide,easy pull out with high flexibility
3.Both sides equipped with telescopic platen
4.The lower part is double doors,could display classified articles
5.Equipped with a lock to ensure the data securiy

Optional configuration:
Defibrillation platform    Telescopic auxiliary work tables
power supply socket        oxygen bottle holder
bkoken needle device      duplex garbage     storgare boxes
Three kinds of top and bottom board to assembly trolley arbitrarily
Equipped with three drawers for options

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