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Chiropractic Table
Chiropractic Treatment Table
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Spinal treatment bed
Spinal Treatment Bed

Electrical Chiropractic Treatment Table

Model Number: JQ-380
Material: Leather, metal
Length: 68.8″/175cm
Width: 21.6″/55cm
Height: 22″/56cm-38″/97cm
Weight: 130kg/286.6lbs
Foam thickness: 1.57″/4cm
Feature: soundless, electrical control
Application: chiropractic wellness center



JQ-380 Adjustable Electrical Chiropractic Treatment Table 5 Section Traction Device Traction Bed Spinal Treatment Bed

JQ380 is an electric treatment table dedicated to physiotherapy, manual techniques, osteopathy and chiropractic elements.

The multifunctional 7-segment tabletop is equipped with an advanced adjustment system that allows the use of “drop” technique, movement function and positioning of the patient’s body in various planes. Electric height adjustment by means of walking-free foot control and a stable steel frame with a chassis is the perfect complement to the therapist’s work. The table has an innovative integrated foam.

JQ380 is the most advanced therapy table for physiotherapy, manual techniques, osteopathy and chiropractic elements. The 7-segment tabletop is equipped with special adjustment systems, enabling the therapist to work with individual parts of the patient’s body.

Length 68.8“/175cm
Width 21.6”/55cm
Height 22“/56cm-38”/97cm
Headrest Angle Adjustment -40°~30°
Weight 130kg/286.6lbs
Self-injection Foam 1.57“/4cm
Working load 200kg/440.92lbs
Certifications CE、ISO9001-2008、ISO13485-2007
                                                                             Traction in the Hip Area
                                                                             Toggle Thoracic Drop
                                                                             Toggle Lumber Drop
                                                                             Toggle Pelvic Drop
                                                                             Toggle Cervical Drop
                                                                              Head Traction

Electric Height Adjustment: 55-97cm/21.65″-38.18″
Pneumatic Partly Tilting Headrest:0~30°
Pneumatic Tilting Headrest: -40°~30°
Lower Extremity Tilting Adjustment: -40°~22°

– JQ-380 electric chiropractic table has traction and can be used by people of different heights
– Electrical control the bed height, good for chiropractors with different height.
-This chiropractic massage traction table used for chiropractic wellness center, orthopedics, rehabilitation, Chinese – medicine, chiropractic, sports injury, rehabilitation, sub-health studio.
-High quality chiropractic equipment and tables on offer, catering for all of your daily needs.
– Our Chiropractic tables are a great price and of high quality.

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