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JQ-Z810 Electric Single channel Syringe pump

Power supply: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
Volume Limit: 0.1—9999.9ml (0.1ml step)
work mode: Rate/Volume time/Dosage weight mode
Application: hospital and clinic
1pc Carton: 3.2Kg, 36x 29x 19cm

JQ-Z810 Single channel Syringe pump Compatible with any brand of syringe Purge, Bolus, Anti-bolus and KVO function

Features: 1.Compatible with any brand of syringe 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50/60ml after calibration ; 2.One-key operation makes setup easy and simple 3.240*160 HD LCD Display, friendly user interface 4.English/Russian (other language is available for customized machine) 5.Three working modes: Rate mode, Time Volume mode, Dosage Weight mode; 6.Purge, Bolus ,Anti-bolus and KVO function; 7.Automatically record the settings of last injection; 8. infusion records and drug library function optional

Application scope: JQ-Z810 sypringe pump used in Traditional intravenous, anesthetic, anticoagulant injection and chemotherapy for patients. It can also be applied in ICU and CCU.

Model No

JQ-Z810 Sypringe pump

Injection Rate

50/60ml Syringe: 0.1ml/h~1500ml/h (0.1ml/h step)

30ml Syringe: 0.1ml/h~900.0ml/h (0.1ml/h step)

20ml Syringe: 0.1ml/h—600ml/h (0.1ml/h step)

10ml Syringe: 0.1ml/h—300ml/h (0.1ml/h step)

Rate Accuracy

Within±3% (after correct calibration)

Mechanical Accuracy


Maximum Stackable


Purge Rate

50(60) ml: Syringe: 1500ml/h

30ml Syringe: 900ml/h

20ml Syringe: 600ml/h

10ml Syringe: 300ml/h

Bolus Rate

50(60) ml Syringe: 0.1~1200ml/h, volume 0.1-10.0ml

30ml Syringe: 0.1~720ml/h, volume 0.1-10.0ml

20ml Syringe: 0.1~480ml/h, volume 0.1-10.0ml

10ml Syringe: 0.1~240ml/h, volume 0.1-5ml



Volume Limit

0.1—9999.9ml (0.1ml step)

Total Injection

0.1—9999.9ml (0.1ml step)

Maximum pressure



High: 800mmHg±200mmHg (106.7kPa±26.7kPa)

Medium: 500mmHg±100mmHg (66.7kPa±13.3kPa)

Low: 300mmHg±100mmHg (40.7kPa±13.3kPa)

Audible and Visible Alarms

Occlusion, Equipment failure, Software Exception, Injection finish, Limited finished,Battery running out,Improperly installed,Abnormal operation etc.

Power Source

100-240Vac, 50/60Hz; Internal rechargeable Li battery, 4 hours backup time at the rate of 25ml/h DC 12V 2A optional

KVO Speed

0.1~5ml/h (0.1ml/h step)


T3.15AH/250V, 2pcs installed

Power Consumption


Equipment classification

Class I, internal power supply, Type CF



Operation Environment

a) Ambient temperature: +5℃~+40℃

b) Relative humidity: 20%~90%

c) Atmospheric pressure: 86.0kPa~106.0kPa

Transport & Storage Condition

a) Ambient temperature: -20℃~+55℃

b) Relative Humidity: ≤95%

c) Atmospheric pressure: 50.0kPa~106.0kPa


Compatible with 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50/60ml syringe of any brands after correct calibration

Infusion maximum value(under single fault)



280mm(L) x 210mm(W) x 130mm(H)

Net Weight


Package Reference

1pc Carton: 3.2Kg, 36cm(L) x 29cm(W) x 19cm(H)

2pcs Carton: 6.4Kg, 40cm(L) x 39cm(W) x 33cm(H)

3pcs Carton: 9.6Kg, 58cm(L) x 39cm(W) x 34cm(H)

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