V infant eye mask
V infant eye mask
neonate eye mask
I baby mask
baby eye mask

Disposable Neonatal Eye Mask Phototherapy protector for neonatal baby

Model Number:JQ-I,II,III,IV
Brand Name: JAQIMED
Function: Protect Baby From Blue Light
Size: Small Size And Large Size
Application: Infant Jaundice Treatment



Phototherapy Eye Mask Protector For Neonatal Baby Disposable Eye Mask From LED Blue Light

The Infant Phototherapy Protective Eye Mask Can Prevent Blue And Other Strong Visible Light From Passing Efficaciously. It Can Avoid The Eye Irritation And Eye Damage In Children By Blue Light And Other Visible Light When Used.

• Easy-To-Use Design
• Bigger Eye Pad For Less Pressure And Better UV Protection
• Safe And Comfortable

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