laptop ultrasound

JQ-i50 12.1inch All Digital B/W Ultrasound System

12.1″Laptop Ultrasound,
0-90 Degree Adjustable Angle
80 Elements
Software Packages
5200mAh Lithium Battery
Video 、 S-Video 、USB、VGA、RS-232、RJ45



JQ-i50 Foldable Type 12.1inch All Digital B/W Ultrasound System With Excellent PW Function And Convex Transducer

1. 12.1″High Definition LCD Monitor,0-90 Degree Adjustable Angle With 2 Transducer Port, Extension Supported

2. Cutting Edge Imaging Processing Technologies Realize Remarkable Ultrasound Images ,Affordable Black And White Ultrasound With Excellent PW Function3.Support More Than 200 Frames Image Permanent Storage, Optional U Disk For Storage Extension

4.Software Packages: Abdomen, Cardiac,Obstetrics, Gynecology, Urology, Small Parts

5.One Key Full Screen Display, Easy To View From Distance

6.Optional Printing Module Prints Report And Image Directly By Laser Printer

7.Optimization Key: Multi-Parameters Presets And One Key Image Optimization

8.Integrated Smart Workstation : Large Storage Capacity And Convenient Data Management

9.Built-In Lithium Battery Support At Least 2 Hours Countinues Work

10.Data Interface:Video 、 S-Video 、USB、VGA、RS-232、RJ45

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