Vet Clinic Cage
Vet Clinic Cage
animal care cabin
Vet Clinic Cage

JQ-ICU02 Animal ICU Cage Veterinary Incubator Pet Care Cabin

Material:Stainless Steel 304
Color:Black And Silver
Monitoring:O2 And CO2
Product Size:L1160*D600*H1680mm
Application:Saving Pets Live, Nurturing Of Newborns, Daily Care



JQ-ICU02 Vet Clinic Hospital Aerobic Full-Featured Animal ICU Cage Veterinary Incubator Pet Care Cabin

1. This Machine Is Suitable For Body Temperature Resuscitation, Infusion, Oxygen Infusion, Blue Light Atomization Treatment,Rescue, Hospital Observation, Etc. Of Patients, Critically Ill, And Weak Animals;
2. It Can Also Be Used As A Sterile And Constant Temperature Culture For Young Pets;
3. High Concentration Of Oxygen Has Been Proven To Be Effective For Ischemic Injury, Such As Arterial Thrombosis, Gastric Dilatation-Torsion, Can Promote Angiogenesis, And Increase The Proliferation Of Fibroblasts.
4. It May Be Effective For Wounds That Are Difficult To Heal, Skin Flaps, Radiation Damage, Etc.

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