ortable Steam Sterilizer

8L 18L 24L Volume Electric Heating Portable Steam Sterilizer

Volume:8L,18L,24L Available
Sterilization Method:High Pressure Steam
Material:Stainless Steel
Working Temperature:126℃-128℃



8L 18L 24L Volume Electric Heating Portable Steam Sterilizer


1.Overpressure Auto-Discharging 0.145-0.165Mpa
2.The Highest Working Temperature126℃-128℃
3.Dual Scale Numerical Indication Pressure Gauge
4.Self Inflating Type Seal
5.Full Stainless
6.Operating Easy And Security Reliable

Technical Parameters:

Model No Volume/Liter Heating Mode Power Weight/KG Dimension/MM
JQ-S-260 8L  

Electric And Coal Dual Heating Model

220V/50HZ/1.0KW 6.5 310*310*250
JQ-S-280A 18L 220V/50HZ/2.0KW 17 400*400*540
JQ-S-280A+ 24L 220V/50HZ/2.0KW 19 425*425*660
JQ-S-280B 18L  

Electric Heating

220V/50HZ/2.0KW 17 400*400*540
JQ-S-280B+ 24L 220V/50HZ/2.0KW 19 425*425*660
JQ-S-280MB 18L Electric Heating

(With Knob To Set The Time)

220V/50HZ/2.0KW 14.5 410*410*550
JQ-280MB+ 24L 220V/50HZ/2.0KW 19 425*425*660
JQ-S-280CB 18L Electric Heating(With Control Panel) 220V/50HZ/2.0KW 15.5 410*410*550
JQ-280CB+ 24L 220V/50HZ/2.0KW 22.5 425*425*660

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