Medical Pendant Kinds And Application

The Medical Pendants Are The Systems Designed To Provide Appropriate Positioning And Arrangement Of Equipment, Terminal Units, Medical Gas, Specialty, Electrical Services And Other Surgical Assistance Materials Used During Surgical Or Medical Process. These Systems Are Mounted On The Hospital Ceiling With The Robust Carcass System Consisting Of Stainless Steel Flanges And Supporting Rods. Such Systems Are Compact System With Customizable Configurations In Order To Fulfill Exact Requirements Of Hospital Or Any Other Healthcare Centre. Medical Pendants Have Various Number Of Arms Which Can Be Help To Accommodate All Electrical Services, Medical Gas, Data Communication Services And Facilitating Equipment Management. Medical Pendants Are Designed To Make Medical Tasks And Procedures Easier, While Ensuring Safety While Placing Monitoring Equipment Along With Maximizing Space In The Operation Theatre

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Anesthesia Introduction

Anesthesia is a medical practice that involves inducing a temporary state of unconsciousness, loss of sensation, or paralysis in a patient to facilitate medical procedures, surgery, or to alleviate pain. It allows patients to undergo surgery or medical procedures without feeling pain or discomfort, and it can also help manage pain during and after the procedure. There are several types of anesthesia, each serving different purposes and affecting the body in various ways: General Anesthesia: This type of anesthesia renders the patient completely unconscious and unresponsive to pain. It is typically administered through inhalation or intravenous injection. During general anesthesia, the patient’s vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing, are closely monitored by an anesthesiologist or a

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Medical Soda Lime Grade And Application

The Medical Grade Soda Lime,We Could Produce Specification 1.8mm,2.5mm,3.5mm.5mm CD Grade 2.5mm-5mm Is Commonly Used For Medical Anesthesia Machine And Diving Equipments 797 Grade/S Grade 1-2mm May Used For Military And Submarine

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What Should You Pay Attention To In The Daily Security Check Of Surgical Shadowless Lamps? 

With The Continuous Development Of The Medical Industry, Surgical Shadowless Lamps Are Indispensable And Play A Role In Lighting. So What Should Be Paid Attention To During The Security Inspection And Debugging Of Surgical Shadowless Lamps? Usually Includes The Following: 1.Mechanical Installation Inspection:Check Whether There Is Mechanical Installation Leak, Whether There Are Fewer Screws Or The Screws Are Not Tight. Whether The Card Spring Has A Good Card Or Not, And Whether The Decorative Covers Have Been Covered. 2.Circuit Check:First Check If The System Has A Short Circuit Or Open Circuit. If Everything Is Normal, You Can Perform A Power-On Test. In This Case, Check If The External Power Supply Of The Shadowless Lamp Is Stable. Whether The Transformer Output

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The Declaration Of Operating Light Specification

Irradiation Distance And Depth:The Illumination Distance Of Most Shadowless Lamps Is 70-140cm Or 60-130cm. That Is, The Shadowless Light Works Best In This Distance. Illumination And Color Temperature:Illuminance And Color Temperature Are Actually An Approximate Concept. Both Are To Describe The Intensity Of The Illumination Of The Shadowless Lamp. Usually We Think That The Most Ideal Shadowless Light Is That Light Is Similar To Sunlight,Around 4400-4600K.

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Intelligent Medical Bed With Automatic Toilet

Hospital Urination System For Healthcare Center Disability Patient Nursing Used Medical Bed With Automatic Toilet. Automatic Discharge Processig System,Can Nursing Urination Or Defecation Of Patients In Bed,When The Patient Excrets,Sensor Can Perceive Automatically,Pull Out The Excrement And Smash Into Pieces,And Then Store Them Into Dirt Bucket,And Then The Nozzles Spray Clean Water To Clean Patient Private Part And Excrement Collection Bucket Automatically.Dryer Device At Nozzies Below Out Warm Brezze To Dry Patient Hip And Private Parts,It Can Keep Patient Clean And Dry,And Solve Excrement Problem Easily,At The Same Time,The Design Of Deodorization And Noise Mutting Effect,Effectively Improve Environment For Patients In Bed.

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