Medical Pendant Kinds And Application

The Medical Pendants Are The Systems Designed To Provide Appropriate Positioning And Arrangement Of Equipment, Terminal Units, Medical Gas, Specialty, Electrical Services And Other Surgical Assistance Materials Used During Surgical Or Medical Process. These Systems Are Mounted On The Hospital Ceiling With The Robust Carcass System Consisting Of Stainless Steel Flanges And Supporting Rods. Such Systems Are Compact System With Customizable Configurations In Order To Fulfill Exact Requirements Of Hospital Or Any Other Healthcare Centre. Medical Pendants Have Various Number Of Arms Which Can Be Help To Accommodate All Electrical Services, Medical Gas, Data Communication Services And Facilitating Equipment Management. Medical Pendants Are Designed To Make Medical Tasks And Procedures Easier, While Ensuring Safety While Placing Monitoring Equipment Along With Maximizing Space In The Operation Theatre For Operations And Critical Care Areas To Improve Accessibility Around The Patient Bed Thereby Enabling Healthcare Staff To Deliver Effective Patient Care.

Medical Pendant Market: By Type It Has Fixed Pendants, Fixed Retractable Pendants, Single Arm Movable Pendant, Double Multi Arm Movable Pendant,

By Application For Surgery, Endoscopy, Anaesthesia, Intensive Care Unit .

By End User: Inpatient Facilities, Outpatient Facilities.

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