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Shanghai Jaqi Medical Co.,Ltd is new and quickly developed medical solution provider in Shanghai,China,we cooperated with certificated medical equipment manufacture,based on 18,000 square meters factory,includes four series production line,mainly deal with surgical equipment such as: Surgical Shadowless lamp,operating table,Delivery bed,Anesthesia Machine,Medical Pendant and Hospital furniture such as Patient bed,Nursing bed,kinds of ABS Trolley,Stainless steel furniture and so on.


The factory with high-quality design and development team,continue to increase investment in production equipment, and continuously improve the production process with CNC shearing machine and CNC folding machine. such as bending machine, CNC punching machine, automatic engraving machine.


Our products Approved with ISO CE FDA and so on international quality certification;offer professional medical equipments solution by one stop,help our cutomer get most cost-effective products;JQ Medical is more than a supplier, but as partner,help you expand new products and new market to take new chance grow up together and reach win-win.


Perfect product traceability management system. Each batch of products must pass strict inspection before being exported to customers. Excellent quality reduces unnecessary after-sales service and costs;The existing staff of professional medical consultants have good qualifications and more than 10 years business experience.


Medical Pendant Kinds And Application

The Medical Pendants Are The Systems Designed To Provide Appropriate Positioning And Arrangement Of Equipment, Terminal Units, Medical Gas, Specialty, Electrical Services And Other Surgical Assistance Materials Used During Surgical Or Medical Process. These Systems Are Mounted On The Hospital Ceiling With The Robust Carcass System Consisting Of Stainless Steel Flanges And Supporting Rods.

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Anesthesia Introduction

Anesthesia is a medical practice that involves inducing a temporary state of unconsciousness, loss of sensation, or paralysis in a patient to facilitate medical procedures, surgery, or to alleviate pain. It allows patients to undergo surgery or medical procedures without feeling pain or discomfort, and it can also help manage

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