•  JQ-6307Plus  Multiparameter touch screen 12inch medical monitor
JQ-6307Plus  Multiparameter touch screen 12inch medical monitor

Product Introduction

JQ-6307 Plus multiparameter medical monitor ambulance patient monitor with FSC in Europe market

Standard configuration: 5-lead ECG,Spo2,NIBP,TEMP,RESP,PR,Li-ion battery

Optional: 12-Lead ECG,Masimo SPo2,2-IBP,C.O,ETCo2,Multi-gas,BIS,NMT; VGA,Thermal recorder(inner printer),wired/wireless CMS


1/TFT LCD Touch screen 12.1inch ,with resolution 800*600

2/Screen display 8 waveforms,up to 12-Lead ECG analysis

3/Powerful calculation(Hemodynamic,Dose,Oxygenation,Ventilation,MEWS)

4/Spo2 support PVI and PI,low perfusion 0.2%, Spo2 pulse-tone modulation(Pitch Tone)

5/Multi-selectable user screen options

6/ BIS module,NMT module,ETC02 module optional

7/ VGA support external display, SD card,nurse call,2*USB,Power anti-off hook
8/ support 8 kinds of language set up
9/ C.O, 4*IBP overlap,printer(3 waveforms),Anesthetic gas Module optional
10/ 48 hours full disclosure wave review for each patient,Graphical & tabular trend review (120hours)
11/ wire/wireless CMS,support HL7
12/ 4h lithium battery:homemade,Samsung or Sanyo batteries optional