Sources:      Time: 4th,April,2019,     Author: JQ Medical

Using B-ultrasound to do examination is one of the most basic diagnostic methods in modern hospitals. The lifetime of B-ultrasonic machine is inseparable from its daily maintenance. Only after doing daily management and maintenance ,Ultrasound machine can be used better and longer. So what you need to pay attention to in the daily maintenance of ultrasound?

1. B/W ultraound machine is a sophisticated electronic instrument, there must be someone responsible for daily cleaning and wiping work, especially for the daily maintenance of the probe is particularly important, the used probes must be wiped clean, because the residual coupling on the probe is corrosive and will shorten the life of the probe if not maintained properly. The cable of the probe may cause wire breakage or poor contact due to repeated twisting. Be careful not to hard pull or excessive twist when using.

2. Pay attention to the heat dissipation and ventilation of the ultrasound machine, check the ventilation filter device of the machine once a month. Ensure the machine does not overheat and burned while it is working.

3. Should choose the toilet paper of good quality, because poor quality toilet paper contains too much impurities and dust, seriously affecting the cleaning of the machine room, after long-term use, these impurities and dust will be sucked into the machine,cause machine is not well ventilated and dissipated, and the machine is prone to burn out components for a long time.

4. T o strengthen regular maintenance and use personnel to strictly abide by the operating procedures is an important means to reduce the fault and extend the life of the machine, generally clean once a year, operating time to maintain good ventilation, to prevent excessive tide, overheating, continuous boot time does not exceed 4h, mechanical fan sweep The probe should be stopped once every 10 minutes to 15 minutes, and have a good regulated power supply and reliable grounding.the above we must strictly abide by, then the overhaul rate of the ultrasound machine can be greatly reduced and Increased instrument usage.

5. ultrasonic imaging, especially the more sophisticated ultrasound imaging equipment requires a certain working temperature conditions, the best temperature is about 25, the highest should not exceed 35, the lowest can not be less than 10Celsius. Air conditioning equipment should be installed in special areas. When using air conditioning equipment, it should be noted that due to the high relative temperature, when the temperature drops to zero, the components in the imaging device and the wiring board condense water droplets and electrify, thus damaging the electronics. The original, therefore, to slow down the cooling process, and keep the air conditioner working continuously, it is best to first absorb moisture and dehumidify, reduce the indoor relative humidity and then open the air conditioning equipment.

6. To prevent glare, such as: sunlight, fluorescent lamps or other glare lighting are easy to fluorinate on the oscilloscope screen, the illuminating speed is bleak, other firmware: such as probe lines, camera lenses should not be exposed to sunlight, should The windows of the equipment room should be shaded. After each inspection, use a blackout cloth to make the whole machine shade.

7. Continuous working time of the instrument: In unit time, the starting time should not be too frequent, so as to avoid shortening the life of the oscilloscope and the instrument. In the environment with appropriate temperature, it can work continuously for three to four hours. If there is no air conditioning equipment, the general work is two. After about an hour, shut down for 20 to 30 minutes to facilitate heat dissipation and temperature drop. It is best to concentrate the patients together for regular inspections in their daily work to improve the life of the instrument per unit time.

The above are the points of use and maintenance of the ultrasonic machine. For more information on B/W ultrasound and color ultrasound machines, animal ultrasound, and visual flow machines, please pay attention to JQ Medical.