In 2021, in order to better refine the market supply and provide professional surgical bed accessories services, so that customers can find the accessories they need conveniently, quickly and accurately, Shanghai Jiaqi Medical Co., Ltd. will set up to provide precise services. JAQIMED mainly supplies operating table accessories including: conventional accessories, arm plate accessories, spine surgery frame series, hand series, upper extremity microsurgery frame series, ear, nose and throat and knee support series, head frame adapter series, craniocerebral surgery head frame, Shoulder joint surgery traction frame series, surgical tray and curtain frame, universal clip, square clip and flat mouth clip, trunk strap series, surgical aids and surgical traction frame. Our orthopedic operating table accessories factory has more than 20 years of production experience in Shanghai. It has a research and development team and a high-quality production and processing team. It is market-oriented and accepts customized products.

In addition, to facilitate customers' one-stop purchase, also provide surgical lamp accessories, patient monitor accessories and anesthesia machine accessories etc. We look forward to your visiting or contact us directly for details.