1. The electric operating bed should be cleaned and disinfected before and after the operation, and the operating bed and accessories should be cleaned with a weak alkaline detergent containing surfactant and phosphate. Disinfection of the operating bed should be diluted with an acetaldehyde-based surface disinfectant to disinfect the operating bed. Chlorine, chlorine-containing compounds and mixtures containing ethanol should not be used to avoid corrosion of the metal surface. Do not spray or rinse the base with detergent or water to prevent short circuit damage, rust or malfunction of the internal electrical control system.

2. To move the operating table, turn on the power switch (you need to turn on the network power when the battery is low), and press the base movement button and composite button on the controller to make the operating table moveable. It is necessary to move the operating table for a long time, and the power switch can be turned off when the operating table is in a movable state.

After each use and cleaning, the operating table should be in the horizontal and minimum position, turn off the power switch and cut off the power supply.

3. Do not place heavy objects on the power cord or run the cart over the power cord.

4. When using the leg plate and the foot plate, the patient cannot directly sit on the leg plate and the foot plate, so as to prevent the leg plate and the foot plate from breaking, causing an accident.

5. When using the armrest plate, it should not be subjected to excessive pressure and heavy objects should be placed to prevent the armrest plate from breaking.

6. Do not place objects, accessories or heavy objects on the outer cover of the operating bed base.

7. Do a good job of parts management. When not in use, it should be placed on a special placement frame in an orderly manner, and checked regularly to prevent loss and damage.

8. Master the correct adjustment method of the operating bed and the use and installation methods of different accessories.

9.. Regularly check the function of the operating bed, and the maintenance work should be done by professionals. Make sure the surgery is needed.

10. After the operating table is used, it should be clean and kept dry to prevent the internal electrical appliances of the operating table from being damaged by moisture.

11. The controller should be kept clean and dry. It can be hung on the guide rails on both sides of the operating table after use and should not be placed at will.

12. Always check the power cord and hand-held controller for damage and breakage and ensure that they are not caught by other objects.

13. When the operating table is tilted left and right and tilted forward and backward, the patient's body position is fixed by using the support frame and the strap body to prevent the patient from slipping down due to inadvertent operation.

14. The necessary inspection and routine maintenance of the operating table should be carried out on a regular basis.